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Encouraging Progress & Innovation by introducing the right companies to the right Allocators. 




The Private Investment Group seeks to provide Sovereign Wealth Funds, Multi-Family Offices, Private Equity Funds and UHNWI all over the world, portfolio diversification and early access to investment opportunities. 


In all countries and regions that The Private Investment Group is operating in, applies some core mandates: 

1. To bring investment into the region, 
2. To bring new business into the local economy.


We work with companies and projects from seed level through to Series C and beyond.  Helping them to gain access to new markets, raise capital when needed or form strategic partnerships from the private sector or at a governmental level.

We also work with thousands of investors around the world helping them to fulfil mandates and close partnership with Sovereign Wealth Funds throughout the world, Single and Multi-Family Offices, VC Funds and U/HNWI.


The Flagship offering from The Private Investment Group is The Road Show in the GCC Region.

A Bespoke Process taking projects, companies and Funds to the relevant partners and stakeholders.


During the period of COVID-19, The Private Investment Group has digitalized all offering's allowing activities to continue efficiently regarding Investments and business growth through online platforms.


Created through our unique partnerships with public and private sector entities, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Family Offices, The Private Investment Group gives the opportunity to engage these stakeholders in person or digitally.



The Private Investment Group has launched The Bridge Application, a cutting-edge platform designed to connect the world of investment with the most innovative companies from around the globe.  It allows startups and growth-stage businesses the ability to showcase their investment opportunity to Investors, Funds and Family Offices around the world.


The Bridge App, already available to download in App Store and Google Play will facilitate the connection between the global investment community and most innovative companies.


The Bridge App-Innovation Funding Platform


The world is undergoing a paradigm shift and the economic climate is becoming a reason for concern. Lots of aspects will change, and more will need to change to become better prepared, stand together and collaborate.




The Virtual Events


The world is digitalizing and so is The Private Investment Group. The Virtual Events are designed as a Think Tank with global leaders, organizations and countries showcasing their insights on key global topics.
Our collective reach is over: 10k live views, 30k online views,  simulcast in more than 50 countries on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn & Vimeo. 

“The Digital Majlis” is our gateway created to help Growth, Innovation and Progress starting with the right insights today.




The Events

The Private Investment Group understands the need for privacy and discretion. Our events are based on the current mandates provided to us by our partners allowing everyone involved to be ahead of the curve.

The Events are bringing some of the most exciting Deal flow from Europe, US and Asia with support from the public and private sector ecosystems. The Deal Flow is not only exciting but comes with an appetite to enter the GCC, to explore not only investment opportunities but joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Our past events were hosted in countries where the deal flow originates from, like the UK, Switzerland, Monaco and the UAE and their success inspired us to take their story even further.  






Founder & CEO

Alastair Lidel

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Having founded the company in 2014, Alastair has taken the company from a one room business to operating in over 25 countries and partnered with the largest Sovereign and Private Wealth Funds in the world.

Founder & Executive Chairman

Adam Ladjadj

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Holding a number of key positions throughout the world as a board member, director or CIO, Adam drives the Investment arm of the company with tenacity and strategy.  Adam is also CIO for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nehayan.


Casandra Lidel

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A unique and gifted creator of brands and their identity.  Casandra has helped national and international companies open new markets, launch products and enjoy exponential growth of their brands.

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Dando

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Director Of Business Development

Obediah Ayton

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Head of North America

Yassine Azzouni 

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Partnerships Manager

Osama Husamddine

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Project Manager

Diana Somlea

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VP Business development -USA

Saleem Elmasri

Head of GCC PR & Investor Relations

Naji Al Jabri

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Nabil Rizk

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Pinder Chana 

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CA Koshti Bharatkumar

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 Ariel  Barack


Paul Zoicas

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