Encouraging Progress & Innovation by introducing the right companies to the right Allocators. 


The Private Investment Group Interacts with public and private sector financial companies with a core focus on fundraising, strategic partnerships, and government relations.

Headquartered in Dubai but with a strong international presence through its global investment partners, The Private Investment Group is considered as the go-to company for businesses around the world looking for smooth GCC market-entry.





Values should be at the core of any business or relationship.  Whether that is how one values one's self, the value of a partnership or the added value brought to a person, country, or region.  This is our belief.  To bring value wherever we can whether that be to a company, an investment partner, or a government.  

That is why since our inception we were driven to bring our global partners, investors, and government partnerships together to create an ecosystem that allows the creation of value and symbiotic growth to all involved. 

We believe in people before product, added value, and allowing the pursuit of excellence to be a supported and encouraged journey.



The Journey of The Private Investment Group and its team has created thousands of meetings for hundreds of clients. Being exclusively mandated directly to many families and funds; including sovereign and royal offices has allowed The Private Investment Group to provide access to sourcing private and public capital.

We are constantly nurturing our deep-rooted relationship with our strategic and investment partners to ensure that we understand their current mandates which permit The Private Investment Group to consistently secure a good synergy-match between our allocators and clients.








The Private Investment Group’s Journey is a time-efficient and highly targeted approach allowing companies to meet with multiple investors and strategic partners over an intensive, focused 90 days process.

Created through our unique partnerships with public and private sector entities, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Family Offices The Private Investment Group gives the opportunity to engage these stakeholders in person.

During the period of COVID-19, The Private Investment Group has digitalized all offerings allowing activities to continue efficiently regarding Investments and business growth through the facilitation of virtual client-facing platforms.

The process is a highly efficient way to initiate, engage and develop strong investment relationships and partnerships. 

The Private Investment Group has launched The Bridge Application, a cutting-edge platform designed to connect the world of investment with the most innovative companies from around the globe.  It allows startups and growth-stage businesses the ability to showcase their investment opportunity to Investors, Funds and Family Offices around the world.


The Bridge App, already available to download in App Store and Google Play will facilitate the connection between the global investment community and most innovative companies.


The Bridge App-Innovation Funding Platform


The world is undergoing a paradigm shift and the economic climate is becoming a reason for concern. Lots of aspects will change, and more will need to change to become better prepared, stand together and collaborate.


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic union of Arab states bordering the Gulf.  The 6 members are the 
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. 

The GCC’s prime geographical location is at the juncture of the major Western and Eastern economies and since the discovery
of oil, the GCC region has undergone a profound transformation and is now home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. 

Today, the governments of the GCC countries undertake successful efforts to diversify their economies away from dependence on 
hydrocarbon industries. 

These diversified growth sectors render abundant opportunities. A liberalised commercial climate bolsters foreign cooperation,  investment and modernisation  this key factor has contributed to extensive diplomatic and commercial relations with other nations.





Having deep and long-standing relations with the governments throughout the GCC allows us to operate, connect and nurture businesses into the region in a highly enviable manner.

Whether moving manufacturing into the region, bringing new technologies to local sectors, hiring and developing local talent, or securing contracts and partnerships, The Private Investment Group is able to connect and develop these relationships for our partners throughout the GCC at the highest levels of government.



Alastair Lidel

Founder & CEO

LinkedIn Profile

Mr. Lidel is a British, seasoned leader with vast experience in many verticals over the last 15 years.


Specializing in Fund-raising, Portfolio Advisory, Fund Placement, and Corporate Leadership and having lived and worked in London, Zurich, Monaco and the Middle East enjoys one of the most enviable networks globally.

Mr. Lidel learnt his craft working with some of the largest and most private Families throughout Europe helping them to identify new emerging markets in which to diversify their portfolios to protect and ensure sustained growth.  

Adam Ladjadj

Founder & Executive Chairman

LinkedIn Profile

Holding a number of key positions throughout the world as a board member, director or CIO, Mr. Ladjadj drives the Investment arm of the company with tenacity and strategy. Mr. Ladjadj is also CIO for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nehayan.

His understanding of business and global markets has secured positions of authority with UHNWI and Royal families in the UAE and GCC.

Mr. Ladjadj has experience across an array of investment and finance sectors with a strong track record of success. 
His current role manages activities ranging from Investment strategy, M&A, capital raising, and business development.

Stephen Dando

Chief Operating Officer

LinkedIn Profile

Mr. Stephen Dando is a Senior Manager and Director with more than 40 years of business experience gained in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, with a background of success in building and managing Professional Service organizations at PwC.

Mr. Dando is a qualified UK accountant with hands-on P&L, Investment analysis, budget, financial planning, and staff development experience built through a long and extensive career as Country Head & Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultancy, UAE and Poland.

Casandra Lidel

Chief Marketing Officer 

LinkedIn Profile

Mrs. Casandra Lidel is a Mission-oriented, Marketing and Communications Leader, with over 13 years of experience in the organic trade and has successfully developed the strategy, managed and launched international brands.  

Mrs.  Lidel is an executive that believes in innovation and has a  demonstrated track record of developing and executing integrated marketing and communications plans from end-to-end, launching and developing international brands in industries like technology, recruitment, law, retail, logistics, and finance.

Obediah Ayton

Director of Business Development 

LinkedIn Profile

Mr. Ayton has done 7 years of private wealth experience and has successfully completed over $500 Million of advisory and financial transactions across Europe, USA and MENA region.

Mr. Ayton has a proven ability to successfully build and grow a business platform across sovereign wealth funds, government, corporate, and local family offices to originate and execute high profile advisory and capital raising mandates.

Monica Patricia Cummings

Client Relationship Manager

LinkedIn Profile

Miss Monica Patricia Cummings worked as a UK diplomat for under a decade, with overseas assignments in Southern Iraq and Oman, she then transitioned into the private sector.

Monica is a Tech enthusiast and particularly interested in 4th
industrial (4IR) revolution solutions for emerging markets.

Monica comes with extensive experience in business planning
coordination, policy analysis, research, and account management.

Petros Lekkakos

Key Account Manager GCC & Greece

Mr. Lekkakos 13 years OF experience in MENA  in commercial and business development roles, focusing on investment, distribution, and licensing with a strong track record of success, with the bulk of his success coming from Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Lekkakos provides a strategic insight into the Saudi Arabian market, strategy development, and implementation services for select clients.

His understanding of business and global markets has secured positions of authority with and UHNWI Royal families in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. 

Naji Al Jabri

Head of GCC PR & IR

Mr. Al Jabri, an Emirati with vast experience in various areas of public relations such as sports and entertainment in the GCC which widens his local network of government officials but also business and political figures.

Mr. Al Jabri has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, market promotions, and public relations working alongside The Prime Ministers Office led by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and also coordinating and managing important government events in the region.

Paul Zoicas

Business Development Manager

LinkedIn Profile

Mr. Paul Zoicas is Business Development Manager for The Private Investment group.  

Previously, he was a Public Affairs and Communications Consultant for Red Flag Consulting in Brussels, Belgium, where he dealt with crisis management for
multinational bluechip companies.

Paul has also worked as Innovation Lead for Digital Transformers where he worked with 50+ startups from the energy sector in partnership with Innoenergy.  He also organized one of the largest  Startup Competitions in Central Europe called PowerUp!  

Diana Somlea

Project Manager

LinkedIn Profile

Ms.Diana Somlea has extensive experience in client management and development. Having led a team in the USA for UHNWI corporate hospitality and building extensive investor relations throughout Europe Ms. Somlea is a dedicated and highly effective manager.

Ms. Somlea helped the companies structure their internal operational processes and manage their fast-growing teams, contributing to exponential growth in multiple companies.

Nabil Rizk


LinkedIn Profile

MR. Nabil Rizk is an international business strategist and emerging market economic expert with over 10 years of experience consulting on corporate strategy ranging from infrastructure and private equity to tech.

Mr. Rizk has also over 8 years’ experience conducting strategic work as a contracting officer on some of the world’s most dynamic emerging markets, living in KSA, Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco. 

Marene Ter

Business Development Manager

LinkedIn Profile

Miss Ter focuses on expanding investor relationships for The Private Investment Group and delivering investment opportunities, as well as deploying risk mitigation and business development strategies for portfolio companies.  

Miss Ter is an international business strategist, an investor relations expert, and a highly strategic impact investor at heart.

Kamsy Oskwe 

Business Development Manager

LinkedIn Profile

Mr. Kamsy Osakwe is an innovative and forward-thinking professional with combined interests in the engineering and commercial world.

Mr. Osakwe possesses the ability to manage people and resources, building solid rapport and lasting relationships between clients and internal stakeholders.

Mr. Osakwe has several years of experience in the African banking industry and has Successfully deployed c. USD 1M in capital to SMEs in Africa.

Richmond Eke

Business Development Manager

LinkedIn Profile

Mr Richmond is passionate about bridging the gap between capital and amazing business opportunities.
With a demonstrated history in building strategic partnerships and joint ventures, he provides investors with an exceptional deal flow from Africa. 

Mr. Richmond has about 6 years of experience in sales & marketing, working with brands across various sectors such as UBER, McKinsey & Co, Kelloggs, and Allianz insurance, positioning them to be market leaders in Africa.

Adel Antabli

Video & Content Producer

LinkedIn Profile

Growing up and belonging to the Gen Z Cohort succeeding Millennials, Mr. Antabli entered the world of visual arts at the age of 16 and embarked on the journey of freelancing after attaining the Art & Design Diploma in London. 

While working on independent productions as a Producer, his portfolio widened and diversified in writing, directing, and editing short-form content, after working with the Mobo Awards as a Production supervisor and Live editor.

Prior to being welcomed to The Private Investment Group, Mr. Antabli has been producing short-form content for London based industry pioneers such as Leo Sargon (Resident DJ at Tape London & Nominated Best DJ in London 2018) and BBC One’s Chef Victor Okunowo (as seen on TV show Master Chef).


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