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The Private investment Group is a global company with a presence in over 25 countries.  One of the core values we hold is the bringing of value to all parties.  In each place we work in we look to bring investment and business to the country, investor and project.


We work with companies and projects from seed level through to Series C and beyond.  Helping them to gain access to new markets, raise capital when needed or form strategic partnerships from the private sector or at governmental level.

We also work with thousands of investors around the world helping to fulfill mandates and bring diversification to their portfolios.  We work closely with and are partnered with Sovereign Wealth Funds throughout the world, Single and Multi Family Offices, VC Funds and U/HNWI.


The Private investment Group is able to offer

something no one else can.  A direct route of access

into the heart of sovereign wealth funds and ministries of investment throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia,

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman.

This allows us to create a bespoke and highly

targeted roadshow in all these countries with

investors who are not only active but have

been fully briefed on you and your company.

Whether your company be in its infancy or fully operational and looking to scale, access to funds and investors with over $2 Trillion of funds under management really sets the standard and will allow you to grow fast and efficiently.


To discuss your own bespoke Roadshow get in touch 






The Rolodex is a vast and trusted network of companies around the world.

When breaking into new regions, territories and countries anything that can give you an edge over your competitor is of value.

The Private Investment Group works with a highly exclusive and select group of companies throughout the Middle East, Europe and the US.  These companies range from Software Development, Payment Processing, PR, Banking, Legal, Accounting and many more.

Our long term relationships with these companies allows us to build this into your strategic plans therefore ensuring fluidity and efficiency in securing the very best value partnerships.

If you are looking to break into new regions and are in need of strategic assistance then we would be delighted to hear from you.



Every year The Private Investment Group hosts 10 Invitation Only Investor Events.  The events bring together 150 Sheikhs, Royals, Investment Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, VC's,  Family Offices and U/HNWI.

During the day select projects from industries such as Real Estate, Commodities, Fintech, Renewable Energy, Impact, Blockchain, Ai and Healthcare present to investors in different industry specific sessions.  Outside of these sessions we have face to face meetings, round tables and media interviews.


As the sun sets, all investors and projects come together for a lavish dinner and networking evening allowing further connections to take place.


We also then have a honed and perfected follow up process for our projects.  This ensures that every meeting and connection throughout the day and evening is carefully managed and momentum is kept moving forwards.

During this period of Coronavirus it is of course difficult to host these events at maximum quality.  We are however set to continue these events in May.  Events are held throughout the year in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Manama, Muscat,

Kuwait City, Monaco, London, Zurich and Geneva.


For further details on presenting to our investors in any of these locations please get in touch.





Launching in July 2020, The Bridge allows innovative projects and companies raising capital to connect with the world of institutional investment in over 70 countries.


Investors on the platform are from Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Funds, Single and Multi Family Offices, Hedge Funds, U/HNWI, VC Funds and Investment Banks.


Using proprietary matching technology, our 2000+ investors and projects are matched based on the specific requirements of each investor. This allows projects and investors to connect in a time efficient, knowledge driven way.


The Bridge exists to help the worlds leading investors and funds find and engage with projects that are poised to change their industries.

During of times of global lock down such as during the Coronavirus pandemic, The Bridge allows projects still in need of support to still be able to connect and bridge the gap.


 If you are interested to list your project please do get in touch.

Founder & CEO
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Alastair Lidel

Having founded the company in 2014, Alastair has taken the company from a one room business to operating in over 25 countries and partnered with the largest Sovereign and Private Wealth Funds in the world.

Executive Chairman

Adam Ladjadj

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Holding a number of key positions throughout the world as a board member, director or CIO, Adam drives the Investment arm of the company with tenacity and strategy.  Adam is also CIO for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nehayan.


Casandra Lidel

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A unique and gifted creator of brands and their identity.  Casandra has helped national and international companies open new markets, launch products and enjoy exponential growth of their brands.

Global Portfolio Manager

Obediah Ayton

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Head of North America

Yassine Azzouni 

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Eva Škorničková

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Emilio Escartin

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Yana Leonova

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Nabil Rizk

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CA Koshti Bharatkumar

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Verlin Sanciangco

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Abdul  Rahman Khalid

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 Arial  Barack

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Pinder Chana 

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