AbXcore Raises $3 Million from UAE to expand into the Middle East and revolutionize the market.

Dubai, UAE 13.04.2021

AbXcore has designed the most efficient ergonomic tech portable machine that can be used in the gym or at home with an integrated real-time AI coach that interacts with 3rd party AI systems like Alexa, Siri , Google voice. They have created an entire AI health ecosystem accessible by subscription: Gaming, On-Demand, Full Body workouts Classes, VIP Classes with World Class Champions or Celebrities, Diet/Nutrition and Sportswear/Activewear.

The AbXcore AI ecosystem will allow users to tackle health problems: Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Obesity. XAI will manage the user’s heath profile, tracking their progress, optimizing their work out to be fitter, or to increase their performance.

“We are delighted to have received this commitment and we are very grateful to have been given the Golden Visa from Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade . We couldn’t find better partners to navigate the GCC Market and with the help of The Private Investment Group, we have raised $3 Million and now continue with them in securing an additional $3 Million in the coming weeks in order to complete our mission and change the online virtual fitness market for the better.” Says Omar Attalah, Founder of AbXcore.

A.I. is being used to make at-home workouts safer, more personal, and as close to an in-studio experience as possible. Rise in inclination toward having healthy lifestyle, lack of time among people to attend training sessions at fitness institutes, surge in demand for AR & VR based fitness regime and shut down of gyms and studios due to ongoing COVID-19 situation drive the growth of the global online/virtual/AI powered fitness market.

“We believe that we are undergoing a paradigm shift because of COVID19 and during this past year we learned the hard way the importance of physical and mental health. I personally believe that is imperative to promote and support revolutionary ideas like AbXcore that are responding directly to the problems we are facing today in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. says Alastair Lidel CEO at The Private Investment Group

”The online virtual market fitness market was expected reach $59.23 Billion by 2027 and we believe that Covid-19 just accelerated this process and with health being the Achilles heel of the UAE striking

hard teenagers, women and people suffering from type 2 diabetes or cardiac problems we have indeed found the right product for the UAE market. AbXcore will help individuals create and maintain a health management culture in a technological, fun, and engaging way. Adds Alastair Lidel the CEO of The Private Investment Group

“By combining the tentpoles of successful portable fitness companies in the direct resp

onse and retail markets with integrated smartphone technology and premium brand experience, AbXcore is sitting at the forefront of the next generation of successful fitness ventures and joining forces with The Private Investment Group will put us on the fast track of successful market launch in the

UAE and Middle East. “ Adds Omar Attalah Founder of AbXcore


About AbXcore

AbXcore is the first portable machine with its proprietary AI using voice control, AI gaming, Ai diet, together with:

Full experience for the users through XAI (Shay)

Recommendation from XAI depending on nutrient’s deficiency based on the blood type (A, B, AB, O, +, -)

AI Gaming: based on specific workout: get lean, get toned, lose weight, gain strength

AI Music to motivate you and change automatically the music depending on your taste and the music beats,

AI Challenge: find your competitors depending on your level through social media

Emotional feedback: Analyzing your tiredness and movement to adjust workout accordingly.

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