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Innovation is not Quarantined

A Perspective on moving forward together

The Fear

The world is a complicated place as it is and for projects and revolutionary ideas, at the beginning of their journey the economic climate is becoming a reason for concern.

We are all undergoing a paradigm shift. Lots of aspects will change, and more will need to change in order to become better prepared, stand together and collaborate.

Is not just the well being of humanity that is tested now. It is our future, our aspirations and desires as individuals who are at stake.

So what do you do when fear is starting to get a grip on you? You freeze, panic or give in? Or you move forward?

The Now

This is the time to keep calm and focused. It is not just that we need to continue but that we need to do so with determination, purpose and vigor.

Innovation is a mentality, is a part of humanity as a defining feature, a part of our survival mechanism, because it entails adaptation and evolution. It’s requiring using our creative spirit in order to reform and better aspects of our society. Progress and breakthrough are the concepts that are a part of the DNA of evolution and innovation is our inexhaustible resource in game of ‘the survival of the fittest’ and it will never “be quarantined”.

It is true that we need to be prudent with our financial resources and choose our battles wisely and knowing that we have worked intensively in order to apply this philosophy of reform and adaptation for bettering ourselves and offering better solutions to our clients.

The How

Raising capital is one of the most important parts of any businesses journey and sourcing that capital

from the right place is key to its future success. We believe in being better now not just for better times.

Through Strategic Partnerships with some of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds, Multi Family Offices and Private Equity Funds we are able to not just set you meetings with investors but to put you together with funds and families who are actually allocating right now.

Today, these partnerships are getting stronger because, leaders and innovators do understand the need of moving forward together and finding solutions to multiple areas of business now is the key for success.

The art of raising capital is not just about having a network of investors. It is about taking a deep dive with every client to understand the passion, goals and drive behind its inception. Only then can you truly source the very best allocation for that company.

The Digital Road Show

In calmer times The Private Investment Group runs extremely high-level road shows for individual companies who will visit 6 countries over a period of 30 days. These road shows are now run digitally which allows companies to meet face to face with Sovereign Wealth Funds, Ministries of Investment, Family Offices all with one thing in common, active allocation of funds. Investors are already aware of their company and with allocation aimed at their industry. These investors Other companies like us will look to work with clients for at least a year but we suggest a period of 90 days is the ideal amount of time. It is a sufficient amount of time to meet the correct allocators, it is a sufficient amount of time to make strategic partnerships and a sufficient amount of time to secure capital.

The Digital Road Shows take place throughout UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

Moving Forward Together

Can you imagine the earth not moving? So why should progress?

The time is now to act together and collaborate for the better of all. Our business focuses on offering the best resources and standard to our clients, solidifying partnerships and to not just plan for better times but to implement, raise capital and emerge stronger than before and not allowing any situation to affect evolution and progress.

If you or your company share these values and would like to go on your own digital roadshow please get in touch with us at

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